The Public Art Experience at Arsenal Yards

Take a tour of the public art that enhances Arsenal Yards — from large scale murals, to impressive sculptures, and all the various pieces curated throughout. Designed to awe, inspire, and connect the various people who occupy the space every day, Boylston Properties asked the artists to share more about their pieces, their process, and their goals.

Boylston Properties worked with art consultants from Alchemy Station and Isenberg Projects over the lifecycle of developing Arsenal Yards in order to infuse artful expressions and experiences throughout its pedestrian and public corridors, life science campus, apartment residential community, hotel, and more.

“It was always our goal and mission to leave this little slice of Watertown better than we found it, and we believe art and beauty plays an important role in accomplishing that,” said Bill McQuillan, Founding Principal of Boylston Properties. “As real estate developers, it’s not unique to invest in art — both private and public — in mixed-use developments like ours, but we do like to think that the collection itself is unique, and the feeling you get walking through the campus and amongst these one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings is pretty special. We’re grateful to the artists who satisfied our desire to install beautiful, whimsical, and awe-inspiring moments.”

The art was curated from all over the world, from Massachusetts, to Oregon, Montana, Michigan, and England, and beyond. Just a small sample of some of the pieces curated and available to view to the public include:

“The Boylston Properties team was methodical in their approach to art that traversed between all of the people who inhabit these spaces, to the development and its nature surrounds, and to the pieces themselves,” said Suzi Hlavacek, Founder of Alchemy Station. “You can walk from one end of the development to the other, through all of the buildings and public areas, and the art weaves a thoughtful story that ties the space to nature, to science, and to the little moments that stop us in our tracks in our every day life.”