Our very own Bill McQuillan wrote an article that appeared in the most recent edition of Banker & Tradesman (paywall – link to full article below):

There aren’t too many things in this world right now that feel like a sure thing. Uncertainty abounds in Boston and beyond. Aside from the foremost importance of the health and safety of our families, friends and colleagues, the real estate industry in particular has felt its share of economic impact in the retail, hospitality, office, and even residential rental sectors. It’s ugly for us out there.

Other than the prospect of an early 2021 vaccine, of which the subject of this column plays a central role in achieving, there is one tiny gleam of light breaking through the real estate darkness: Before COVID-19, the biotech industry and subsequent lab asset class in Greater Boston was red hot, and during COVID-19, that industry has demonstrated itself as ever more relevant and increasingly critical to the real estate sector in Greater Boston and the commonwealth.

We cheer on the gains and breakthroughs these scientists and doctors make in the field of science and medicine, and you can bet we rush to support their success and growth with high-quality, class A space that enables them to achieve and solve our most complex challenges and afflictions.

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